Anyone who knows Henry Rollins must be nostalgic about his huge muscles. Apparently, Henry Rollins once testified that before lifting his first weight and falling in love with the iron, he was in bad shape, and a product of fear and humiliation’.

However, everything about that changed drastically after being introduced to the gym and workout by one Mr. Pepperman, his then adviser. Most notably was his body shape.

Not only had he gained a good body shape, he also developed some strong-bulging biceps, triceps, and a well-defined chest. By the end of a life-long career, Henry Rollins was a house hold name in the health and fitness world, an icon, and a model with high pretty high standards in workout routine.

Henry Rollins’ Workout Secret

In one of his famous speech, Rollins said, ‘that which you work out against will always work against you’. What he meant is that if you try to go against the rules, the you might end up getting hurt. Applying this to the gym, lifting heavy weights than you possibly can will not only sprain your muscles or damage your muscle mass, but can eat away your motivation for another day.

By sticking to manageable weights and progressing gradually is what kept Rollins longer at the gym and contributed to his well-built muscles. But this took discipline and self-respect on the part of Rollins. Also, according to Rollins, a workout alone is beneficial as it helps one to concentrate on the workout plan and the important ‘iron lessons’.

Work-out plan

An effective workout plan calls for a balanced workout on all the body muscles- at the right time, for the right repetition times and with the right weights. Rollins once gave a description of these and although they are not any much different from the norm, he has been quoted insisting that what matters is taking oneself to the limits in each.

For Rollins, a typical day would start early- around 5 am. To kick start the day is usually a heavy meal to provide enough energy for the early strenuous exercises and for the day-long workouts. These morning exercises comprise of a jog, or squats then punching a bag. The purpose these morning exercises, which Rollins refers to as ‘prisoners’ workouts’, are meant to flex all body muscles in preparation for the day’s lifting of dead weights.

The Rollins Fitness Routine

All days, he interchanged weight-lifting with well-balanced diets.

Starting with shoulder muscles, he would train with the heavy-weight dead weight, and 5-10 reps for each of the following random exercises; overhead press- 3 sets, bent over rows- 2 sets, power cleans- 2 sets; and 20 reps for shrugs- 2 sets.

For arms: biceps, (medium weight)- 2 sets, (10-20 reps); standing Barbell Curls, (heavy weight)- 2-3 sets, (10-20 reps).

For back muscles, he lifted the medium weight as many times as he could, while for the chest, he trained 2-3 sets, (10-20 reps) using the medium to heavy weights.

For leg muscles: triceps, (medium weight)- 1 set, (10-20 reps); leg press, (heavy weight)- 3 sets, (5-10 reps); calf muscles, (light – middle weight).

Lastly, for the abdominal, he did as many crunches as he could and did the best kettlebells exercises he could.