Mattress hunting may be time consuming and a bit frustrating as there are tons of options to choose from starting from which store to purchase it, the mattress choices and then compared to your preference. Of course you will take a lot of things into consideration like the firmness of the mattress, the materials used, the budget, the size, warranty and trial period. It is important not to rush purchasing a mattress as it will be a big contributor for your good night’s sleep.

Having an uninterrupted sleep at night is one of the most valuable thing an adult is dreaming of, after a long and tiring day at the office nothing compares to a good dinner, good rest and a good night’s sleep. Good thing for people who are very busy and have no time to visit a physical store, ordering a mattress online is now available. Today one of the most popular option in the online mattress industry would be Lull and Dreamcloud.

Which Mattress is Better Lull or Dreamcloud?

Lull is a mattress-in-a-box that offers memory foam feel and have good customer reviews. It has three layers, and have excellent blend of memory and poly foams which relieves pressure point pain and cradles the spine. The mattress components prevents sleeping hot and provides good bounce.

Dreamcloud is also a mattress-in-a-box offers one of the best all-around hybrid mattresses on the market and one of the best pillow-top mattresses available online. It provides high quality memory foam and latex, and have the support of micro-coils which provides a deeper night’s sleep and ideal for side sleepers.

In terms of similarities they both incorporate memory foam, both are relatively firm, and are responsive and return to shape quickly. Some of the differences would be that Dreamcloud is a little firmer, thicker, has coils and pillow-top while Lull is all foam and have more memory foam feel.

Choose Lull If…

  • You prefer a memory foam feel. If you are looking for an all-foam mattress then pick Lull. It’s top layer is memory foam so it has more memory foam feel. It is also a little softer compared to Dreamcloud.
  • You are a side sleeper. This mattress better conforms to your contours and this is softer than DreamCloud.
  • You enjoy laying on the edge of the mattress. These mattress have a good support along the edges.
  • You are on a budget. Lull is a less expensive option than Dreamcloud.

Choose Dreamcloud if…

  • You are looking for luxury. It’s hand-tufted pillow-top and extra thickness gives it the more luxurious feel.
  • You prefer spring mattress. If spring mattresses work for you then pick Dreamcloud as it uses coils and has more of a traditional feel.
  • You need more support. This is a better option for people who weigh more as it is more thicker and supportive.
  • You aim for durability. According to some reviews, this mattress last 7-12 years give or take.


Overall, these mattresses are pretty much different from each other hence may appeal to different types of sleepers. They differ significantly in feel, construction and support. Compare the two mattresses, weigh which one fits your preferences and and suits your sleep style so you can achieve a good night’s sleep.