Sleep is a crucial daily routine. Where and on what you lie after a long day is a very important part of life. People take the decision of what kind of mattress to buy, its size and firmness seriously. However, you might have never wondered where it was manufactured.

This factor can be a major determinant of the quality of the product you are buying. DreamCloud mattress’ manufacturing is not a mystery to wonder about anymore though.

DreamCloud Mattresses are manufactured in China and distributed from various fulfillment centers in the USA. The mattress is shipped free to the USA from China. DreamCloud mattress was introduced by Nectar Group in 2017.

Though, according to this source, Nectar has expanded its market to the UK and now produce the mattress from there instead of China.

Picture of mattress - manufacturing

How Are DreamCloud Mattresses Made?

DreamCloud mattresses are an amazing 15 inches tall and consist of eight layers of memory foam and coil. The mattress is a hybrid that is made of certified foams. It would seem that the mattress has been carefully designed with all anyone would want from a bed.

The Nectar Brand calls it “The Bed Other Mattresses Dream About”. The eight layers of DreamCloud can be summed into three categories.

  • The Base: This mattress base is high-density memory foam. It serves as a foundation for all the other layers. This foam supports all the other layers and gives the bed its shape.
  • The Middle: The middle of this mattress is made up of four layers. The BestRest Coils are individual encased micro-coils which gives the bed its firmness. It can be simply called the bricks of the bed. It is followed by two layers of supporting memory foams that help give your body contouring support. Natural Latex is the last layer. It gives the bed that extra bounce that is wonderful for motion.
  • The Top: DreamCloud top layer combines a unique layer of memory foam with a gel-infused memory foam that helps with heat distribution. The gel foam helps to keep the bed cool and comforting to you. DreamCloud claims that the unique memory foam is what gives the bed a luxurious feel. The topmost layer is a TrueTufted Cashmere blend that is so soft you might begin to think you are really on a cloud.

All these layers are what makes DreamCloud distinct from the regular foam stuffed mattresses in the market. You might think if all these just makes the bed fancy without being practical for sleeping. This is not the case though.

What More About The DreamCloud Mattress?

The DreamCloud Mattress was birthed by the Nectar Group in December 2017. The co-founder, Craig Schmeizer, had said the group will be bringing the full luxury experience to their customers. That promise is clearly fulfilled in everything that the DreamCloud offers.

The sleep concierge team and the white glove service on their website definitely make customers feel like they are getting more than a mattress.

The reviews for this mattress are generally good. There are very few negatory comments and they hardly hold weight. The company’s customer service is widely acclaimed to be satisfactory. The materials used in the production of these mattresses are also of high quality.

Is DreamCloud A Good Mattress?

Picture of DreamCloud mattress

DreamCloud is a relatively new name in the mattress market. I know you will ask why you should buy this mattress instead of other well-known names in the market.

I am sure the Nectar Brand thought of this too as they presented an irresistible offer to all potential customers.

DreamCloud comes with a 365-night sleep trial. During this period, if you are not pleased with your mattress, you can return it.

The mattress also comes with – wait for it. A forever warranty that allows you to return your mattress if it develops any manufacturer’s fault. This is an unbeatable offer. Nothing gets better than forever. They also have a no questions asked return policy that runs smoothly.

The mattress’ firmness is tested to be convenient for back, stomach and side sleepers. It is medium firm and bouncy. The tallest of the mattress also means that you can put it on the bare floor as far as it is not wet. You can also put it in any bed frame that fits a 15-inch bed.

Though the brand is fairly new and customer service is yet to be fully trusted, it seems to have met most customers’ satisfaction. It is also sold at a considerably low price for a luxury mattress with all its benefits. This hybrid luxury mattress is conclusively a great bed with all you could wish for.