Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the tendons that support your knee and it is very vital to prevent damage to this area especially when you are exercising. Sudden locomotion like changing directions or locking your knee can result in the tear of ACL.

There are different types of ACL brace for different sporting activities and for the basketball fans like I, one question will always tend to pop up, whats the best ACL brace for basketball? The answers to this question are meticulously researched just to cater for your well-being when you will be exercising.

Here are the 6 best Basketball ACL Brace picks just for you:

Dry text Hinge Knee brace

Made from a hypoallergenic material, this type of brace is suitable for those individuals who have sensitive skins. The brace can be adjusted for compression and stability provision and it aids in treatments of wide knee problems like LCL strains, patella tendonitis, and MCL just to mention a few.

Winzone Knee Brace

This amazing brace is largely used for post ACL injuries but it can also be of great help in arthritis. In the event you are not in your favorite basketball sporting activity, the brace can also be used for other activities like running and less vigorous activities like gardening and walking since it has dual side stabilizers that provide support during locomotion. It’s suitable for usage in hot climates and doesn’t slide up and down your leg when worn.

Hinge Knee Brace

This is another amazing knee brace coupled with cross straps and it comes on board with added components like punctured back panel which lets heat and moisture escape thus keeping your knee in a cool environment. It has the advantage that it minimizes the scratching and irritation of the skin using the additional edge features. This brace is important for those individuals who need a lot of support to keep them steady in their activities and its combined heavy duty design is a perfect match for sports like basketball and tennis.

Knee support Brace

This sleeve doesn’t restrict movement at all and it can be worn comfortably in activities like basketball and other vigorous activities. The 100% solid neoprene material offers protection to unwanted injuries thereby keeping you fit for long.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace

This brace is largely used for support and it gives those individuals who have great control and balance an added advantage of assistance. It constitutes finger tabs that make it easy to pull on and adjustable straps that hold it in place. It has also moisture wicking, odor reducing material.

Knee Brace for basketball

This brace is fortified with solid Velcro closure and double stitching. In addition, it is made with silicon stripes at both on top and bottom of the brace in order to keep it in proper position thereby eliminating any room for slipping from your leg. It is made in such way that it fits even large legs and offers an overall support for basketball playing.

Staying active is important, as you do not want to have a gastric bypass surgery down the line. That is why it is important to chose the right knee brace for whatever activity you do. These are just some of the best basketball braces which you need at the time of exercising outdoor and remember to not just pick just any brace since not all are meant for the same activities.