In the world of keto, supplements having exogenous ketone are getting popular as ketone is showing promising results in losing weight and good well-being. Unfortunately, some of these supplements are made available through multi-level marketing.

This is unfortunate since those involved in the growing MLM market are not all qualified distributors to market the product. This is the same thing as in ACL braces industry. They will go to great lengths to make a sale of something that allegedly helps lose body weight miraculously. The good news is not all firms use MLM to manufacture and sell exogenous ketone supplements, and one of those is Perfect Keto which also has the MCT oil powder. Perfect Keto base reviews usually come up positive and reviewers give the product five-star ratings.


How Perfect Keto works


When we decide to lose weight by adapting healthier diet, we would try to take the right supplements for a smooth transition, say, from a low-carb diet to high-fat to avoid or get less side effects. If we happen to pick the wrong product, it can damage our health in the long run and affect the chance of achieving our weight loss goals. Perfect Keto products likewise help prevent “keto flu” which is one of the effects when starting a ketogenic diet.


Unlike the endogenous ketones which our body produces, the exogenous ketone is supplemented. The ketones by Perfect Keto are made naturally by derived ketone salts. A pack contains beta hydroxybutyrate or BHB, magnesium, citric acid, stevia, calcium and natural flavors. It has the complete mix of ingredients formulated for maximum efficiency.


A BHB is a molecule considered to be a ketone body. It is among the main molecules that help the body produce energy if there is no glucose. It increases the levels of blood ketone following ingestion so the body has the extra energy similar, but not the same to what endogenous ketones can do. Take Perfect Keto if you are using fat for fuel because its BHB molecule is essential to kick your metabolic state to act.


picture of perfect keto base and mct oil

Price and flavors


Products with exogenous ketones are quite expensive but the Perfect Keto supplements are more affordable, at $59 per 15 servings. It costs less compared to other brands.


While Perfect Keto ketones are said to work just like its competitors, an added bonus is that they come with different flavors that makes consuming them a pleasant experience. Flavors are peaches & cream and chocolate sea salt. The former has an amazing taste while the latter is not too overpowering or sweet because there is a hint of the sea salt which gives a bit of a sharp taste.


Ketones have their own specific taste that others like or dislike. My favorite is Perfect Keto chocolate sea salt but it does not mean the other flavor would not work with me at all. Choose which flavor appeals more to you.


Weight loss effects?


Many people wonder if exogenous ketones can cause weight loss but there is no scientific proof to support that. Some consumers attest ketones suppress their diet, thus, leading to losing weight. Others said the appetite-suppressing effect only lasts for a few hours following ingestion. I personally believe in non-shortcuts when it comes to losing weight. I still do exercise while taking exogenous ketones and managing my diet.


Exercising just to lose body fat and burn calories does not work in the long run. We need to make the necessary adjustments to our diet as well. Just as you cannot expect to lose weight by exercising with a bad diet, do not expect to get rid of excess body weight by taking ketones with a bad diet. When you want to try ketones, do it with a well-formulated keto diet.


Side effects


Stomach discomfort may be one of the side effects of ketones. If you experience it, try taking just 50 percent of what is recommended. I did experience stomach discomfort in the past with a different brand of endogenous ketones which lasted for several hours.


That is why I was initially hesitant to try Perfect Keto which fortunately does not give me such discomfort. I can have one serving each of ketones and MCT oil powder daily and need not worry about digestion troubles. However, everyone is different and stomach discomfort can happen as a side effect of supplements.


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Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder Review


As for the Perfect Keto Medium Chain Triglyceride or MCT oil powder, it gets positive reviews as well. One notable thing is it does not need any filler like a soluble corn fiber to take, unlike other commercial products. It can be taken with coffee or smoothies to boost energy before exercising. The Perfect Keto MCT oil powder is 70 percent C8 or caprylic acid and 30 percent C10 or capric acid.


Pros and Cons for Perfect Keto Products


The only bad thing about Perfect Keto products is that they are of small size. Yet, they come with many benefits like helping increase the body’s energy levels, as well as enhancing mental focus and performance.


However, current studies are more focused on side effects of endogenous ketones, rather than on its benefits. Many consumers did notice their energy levels increased and they feel less tired after or before exercising with ketones.

They do feel their energy boost. If you are just starting to follow a keto diet, the ketones may help you with the initial phase until your body gets used to a high-fat lifestyle or dietary fat for energy. That means you may decrease the negative symptoms during the adaptation period. Here are product benefits summary as per what consumer surveys and Perfect Keto base reviews said:


  • High quality of BHB
  • Raise blood ketone levels effectively
  • Taste good
  • No need of additives or fillers
  • A hundred percent made in the United States
  • Formulated by a professional clinician
  • More inexpensive than other supplements


If you are following a ketogenic diet as a therapy, the ketones may help manage you with the condition. For instance, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino used the ketones in his research to see their therapeutic effects, focusing on cancer. The ketones’ neuroprotective properties may also help neurodegenerative disease patients, such as those with epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


Ketones can dramatically change blood sugar levels. Hence, there may be a need to adjust medication. If you are taking ketones for therapeutic purposes, consult with your doctor before trying, especially if you have diabetes as you may need to adjust medication.