There is a long and heated argument going on for decades now about the pros and cons of gym machines. If you were ever in the gym, you might have already heard this conversation. The truth is, there is no right or wrong exercise, just the way you do it. Machines can be perfect for beginners and for isolating specific muscles or muscle groups. So, how to know?

Leg Press

Don’t skip the leg day, lads! Squats are the king, and they are one of the universal exercises seen in every corner of the world. Still, leg press machines give out great support, isolation, and comfort. Many people dislike doing squats under weights. The reasons go from knee injuries to back rod displacement, but no matter what it is – leg press will always wait for you.

Lat Machine

Named after the latissimus dorsi muscle they prominently engage, these machines are your gateway to pull-ups. If you, like many new members of the gym, can’t muster the strength for more than two pull-ups this is the place where you train.

Cable Biceps Bar

The pros often overlook this machine, and you are unlikely to see a veteran use it a lot. Still, this tool is fantastic for beginners both in technique and the weight. With a simple construction allowing you to change the weight, it is ideal for testing your limits. It also provides the cable pulling system which disables you from cheating. This will engage your biceps far more than the dumbbell.

Cable Triceps Bar

Pretty much the biceps machine, with another cog enabling you to push down rather than pulling up. Triceps are a tricky muscle group, and it is always a lot of fun working on them. Triceps pushdown machine will allow you to engage hard to get muscles while keeping the form and learning to train properly.

Chest Press

chest pressJust like the bench press, your chest will feel the burn. What is different – with the press machine, you get the stability of the machine and a perfect playground for exploring. Bench pressing, particularly in the very start can be dangerous if you get careless. Learning your limits this way is a better and safer solution.

Row Machine

Rowing simulator is a must have in every gym in the world – and for an excellent reason. This simple device engages almost every muscle in your body. Your entire core will be searing, and your back will have the training of their life. While it isn’t exactly like running, the calories melted away on the rowing machine are sure to be noticed.

Leg Raise

Raising your leg up to your bellybutton while hanging might seem like a hard thing to do, but only because it is. Still, after a while, you will see how fun and beneficial this exercise can be. It both tones and strengthens your core and will give you a six pack if you keep at it.