An exercise ball can be a great addition to your regular workouts. Exercising on a ball will yield better results compared to working on a hard flat surface. The instability of the ball causes the body to engage more muscles while trying to remain balanced. These muscles become stronger with time. Of course, not all exercise balls are created equal. The best TRX slam and stability balls are designed to withstand the toughest of workouts.

The Best TRX Slam Ball

picture of woman with trx slam ball


. Different weight options ranging from 6Ibs to 50Ibs.
. Textured surface for firm gripping.
. made from thick rubber
. Ultra durable rubber shell under the surface

Regular training with this slam ball will unleash your core power and help you build strong cardio. The ball is made of sturdy rubber. The outer surface is textured to provide a rugged surface for firm gripping. It allows you to spend more energy on the work out rather that worrying about falling over.

The rubber is durable and can withstand the hardest workout sessions. The material is also thick to absorb the pressure created from each impact. TRX slam balls come in a variety of weights going as low as 6Ibs and as high as 50Ibs. Make sure to pick a weight that is favorable to you during your workout routines.

You can do a lot with a TRX slam ball apart from slamming it against the wall or the floor. There are other basic exercises in which you can engage in. They include bear crawl, weighted squats, Russian twists, squat throws and thrusters.

The Best TRX stability balls

picture of woman doing stability balls curls

. Come in two sizes: 55 cm and 65 cm
. Anti-burst vinyl construction.
. PVC construction to prevent slipping

If you compare the best TRX slam (see more at and stability balls, a stability ball poses an extra challenge. It helps to improve your upper, lower body and core. It is an excellent choice for maintaining correct postures and aligning your body when working out. It enables you to improve balance and stability during low impact body weight workouts.

TRX stability balls are made from vinyl to reduce slipping. The vinyl construction is also strong and durable to prevent bursting under immense pressure. The balls are available in two sizes: 55cm and 65cm. They can accommodate all ages and training levels.

You should get the correct ball size if you intend to get the most out of your training session. Lucky for you, the TRX stability balls are available in two sizes. The variety of exercises you can do on the ball can be grouped into three: Lower body(Overhed ball squat, wall squat and standing ball squeeze), upper body(Balance push ups, standing plank, roll out) and core (V-sit with ball, roll out, hand off)

You don’t have to work out on a hard flat surface any longer. Engage more muscles in your workout routine by acquiring the best TRX slam and stability balls. They will be useful in improving your overall balance and coordination. TRX balls are made from strong material for durability. Make sure to choose the correct size and weight to ensure that you get the most out of your workout routine.

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