Our Classes

Please Note July 2, 2017: We are no longer offering classes as we transition from a brick and mortar centre to a fully online resource.

As a way of reaching as many people as possible – we offer several different modes of training. We recognize that not all of our clients are the same and we love to make it all about them. We offer five basic training directions, to begin with. They are each crafted so they can target a different audience and provide optimal support for a particular task. Not everybody is about getting slimmer, and we can’t expect body builders to share the training program with an office worker with the back pain.


We offer following programs:


The most straightforward way of exercise in our society today seems to be the typical gym experience. There is a lot to gain here, and with the help of our staff, not a single drop of sweat shall go to waste.


We offer an array of both indoor and outdoor cardio machines, exercises and high end running track. Let our instructors find you a perfect set of exercises to melt that extra weight away.


Not all exercise is in intensity and force. Reach balance, use your mind and help your bad posture all in one easy and enjoyable class.


We offer training through several dancing styles, combining the intensity of cardio exercise with the fun factors of music and dance.

High-intensity interval training

For those of you who want to get down and break a sweat – HIIT training is the way to go. You will get stronger, lose weight and feel better than ever.


Our staff is always there to help you with everything you need, even if you are not in the private session. We offer a complete service where you don’t have to worry about your training, just to endure it.