Looking for an interesting career to build or develop? Here are the top 10 interesting careers for you to decide from. You do not have to be stuck with a boring and uninteresting career just for the paycheck.

Most of these jobs are unique with a lot of fun and a very good paycheck. This career cuts across a wide range of jobs.

Top 10 Interesting Careers In Texas. Advertising and Marketing, Air traffic controller, Beauty, Business management, Sommelier, Software developer, Writer, Ethical hacker, Video game developer, Art directors.

Although there are more interesting careers out there, these are the top interesting careers and they are highly paid. Texas is known to be a fast-developing and evolving state, there are other fun and interesting careers one can easily venture into with a lot of excitement.

Below is more information on these interesting careers.

What Are The Top 10 Interesting Jobs In Texas?

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1. Advertising and Marketing:

There are a lot of companies looking for creative minds, wanting to build a career in advertising and marketing. Currently, most businesses today depend on advertising and marketing personals to help improve sells and brand of their business.

These fields include fun careers such as advertising manager, marketing manager, search marketing and social media professional. As a marketing or advertising manager, you could be handling branding, promotional campaign and public relations.

With the current growth of the media, there has been a demanding need for and media marketing professionals. Your job can range between improving online presence, developing marketing online strategies and managing social media accounts.

This career opportunity allows you to meet and interact with interesting colleagues and people.

The annual average salary of an advertising or marketing manager ranges between $133,530 – $147,300.

2. Air Traffic Controller:

If you have been fascinated by the airplane and thinking about careers in the aviation company. A career as an air traffic controller can be an interesting career. The job is quite fun and has a good paycheck.

The job entails that you control airspace, enable pilots to arrive and depart from the airport safely, accurately and timely with the use of radar and advanced technology.

The average annual salary is $120,430.

3. Beautician:

This career is very profitable and most people who go into this career are usually very passionate about it. Examples include makeup artists and dermatologists. As a makeup artist, you can own your salon where you can make people up including celebrities.

You can gain the opportunity to do makeup for shows and movies. There are endless opportunities for a makeup artist.  A makeup artist has the opportunity of meeting interesting and glamorous people while enjoying what they do best.

The average salary of a makeup artist is $78,030.

4. Business Management:

Are you business-oriented, strong, and well organized? An event planner can be an interesting career for you to pursue. It is a high paying career and very interesting.

The life of an event planner can be very tasking but also very adventurous with each task. Your job description runs from planning a wedding, organizing parties and various occasions.

It is a very creative and fun career. You can have the opportunity of traveling to different places and setting up events.

The average annual salary of $53,000.

5. Software Developer:

As a software developer, you have to learn the techniques involved in coding, programming, and others. To become a software developer, you must be creative.

As a software developer, your duty cuts from completing the process of software programs, designs, and maintenance of software and apps. Lately, the mobile software developer career was ranked as the first best job in America by CNN.

Apart from huge earning as a software programmer, you can bring your ideas to life and enjoy what you do especially if you enjoy coding or programming.

The annual average salary for the developer is $108,080 – $114,000.

6. Writer:

Being a writer may not look captivating but as a writer, you can enjoy a lot of opportunities to do what you love most – ‘writing’. You get to write about a variety of things with your creative skills.

You could venture into scripts writing, books, articles, stories, blogging and a lot of fun write-ups. As a writer, you have the flexibility you want, get to travel especially for journalists and get to make use of your creative skills.

The annual average salary is $78,090.

7. Ethical Hacker:

Most people do not know that people get paid for hacking. As society and technology continually grow, ethical hackers are normally hired to test computer systems including network systems to point out faults, help bridges, and identify security vulnerabilities on network systems.

Opportunity ranges from the governmental department, banking sectors and home security agencies. This career gives you an edge to work with computers and combat unethical hacking.

The annual average salary is $104,070.

8. Video Game Developer:

If you are a video game fan, creative and enjoy design and programming. You could consider video game developing. Although this career requires a lot of artistry and passion to bring to light whatever you envision.

The average annual salary is $82,488.

9. Sommelier:

If you enjoy wine tasting, this career is just for you. You could become an expert in picking and judging the taste of wine. You can develop your skills in a sommelier training school. You just get paid for doing exactly what you enjoy.

Average annual salary ranges from $80,000 to $160,000.

10. Art Director:

Are you an art fan or enjoy artworks? You could have a career as an artist, ranging from having your studio and teaching art in the post-secondary section. This career allows you to use your mind for creative works and make money while doing it.

The annual salary runs for $82,560 – $104,590.

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What Are The Highest Paying Careers?

According to the current statistics from the Bureau of labor statistics occupational employment statistics program, the highest annual salaries in Texas are medical practitioners.

These careers include; Anesthesiologist, Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Psychiatrists, Dentist,  Surgeons, Family, and General Practitioners.

The annual average salary ranges between $250,050 – $180,890. There are other high paying careers such as Airline pilot, Flight engineers, Chief executives, Geoscientists, Chemical Engineers and many more.

The average annual salary ranges between $154,600- $233,890.