A wide range of challenges is associated with raising children with autism. Research has equally proven that aside from poor sleep habits, incontinence is a common challenge for autistic children. This means paramount attention must be paid to their beddings, as much as to them.

Hence, the need for waterproof mattresses. This helps to reduce the overall workload of raising children with autism on the entire family.

What Are The Best Waterproof Mattresses For Children With Autism?  The best waterproof mattress for children with autism are made of non-toxic materials and non-springy bed bases. These include BedGaurd Waterproof mattress, Stretton’s Upholstery’s Waterproof mattresses, and Norix’s Autism mattresses.

What Makes These Beds The Best Picks?

Picture of Waterproof Mattresses for Children with Autism

1. BedGaurd Waterproof Mattresses:

This mattress comes with an in-built protector that allows you to easily clean up the mattress in the case of incontinence. Generally, it is designed to ensure all-round protection in the face of tough circumstances and complex needs. It comes with a noise-less and soft to the touch quilt, suitable for restless autistic children.

It is equally designed to reduce laundry and easily repel liquids, odor, and stains. The mattresses are rated excellent by CSIRO standards and equally meets quality standard assurance through their dual treatment procedure.

2. Stretton’s Upholstery’s Waterproof Mattresses:

This boast of a wide range of waterproof mattresses that come in different shape and sizes. It is also designed to reduce rebound when bounced upon, as autistic children love to do this a lot. The mattresses are designed in blue color, as it is said to appeal to the senses of autistic children.

The bases are made of foam, hence there’s no risk of spring breakage when bounced upon or rust from liquid spills. It is easy to clean and made of non-toxic material. The beds are designed to fit specific needs on request.

3. Norix’s Autism Mattresses:

These mattresses come with a 100% sealed seam design, durable and waterproof for autistic patients of all ages. It is designed without innerspring and easy to clean. The mattresses are Greenguard certified, hence safe for the home environment and sleeping in.

What Other Mattresses Are Suitable For Children With Autism?

There are other mattresses, suitable for children with autism. Though these mattresses are not waterproof designed, they are designed for the overall safety of autistic children.

These mattresses are best maximized when used with Waterproof Mattress protectors and pads to prepare for incontinence. An example is Kinderkey’s special needs bed.

  • Kinderkey’s Bearhugzzz Beds: These beds are designed to accommodate the tendencies of autistic children. They are suitable for sleep, provides safety for night wakers. It comes with heavily-padded sides that help prevent injury while playing and are designed to fit specific needs on request. The bed height is easily adjustable and it comes with viewing panels.

What Are The Benefits Of Waterproof Mattresses For Children With Autism?

Special care must be given to children with autism and that would equally mean finding the best non-toxic waterproof mattress on the market. Some benefits of waterproof mattresses are;

Picture of Best Waterproof Mattresses for Children with Autism

1. Maintenance of Proper Hygiene:

A waterproof mattress will remain dry and is easy to clean. This keeps the children from falling ill due to a wet and smelly mattress. It is easy to clean up the mattress when stained, hence preventing dirt, molds, and mites from surviving in the mattress over time.

2. Saves Time and Less Laundry:

Waterproof beds will help to save time and reduce laundry. Normal mattresses require bed protectors and pads which must be washed when soiled. The easy to clean design of waterproof beds will reduce this stress and save time for other family activities.

3. Helps to maintain some level of order in child-raising:

You need all the sanity you can get in raising children with autism, getting a waterproof mattress will help you maintain some level of order. A waterproof mattress will help you focus on other challenges, reducing the worries of dealing with incontinence.

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What Is The Price Range For Waterproof Mattresses For Children With Autism?

The price ranges for waterproof mattresses vary. The prices range from as low $30 to as high as $900. This means that the various mattresses are suited for each family’s budget. Low-budget families with autistic children, can go for the mattresses on the lower range and still get value for their money.