Benjamin Pakulski is one of the top professional bodybuilders in Canada. He won in the in the IFBB competition of Mr. Canada in 2008. He has been nicknamed the Pak Man. Pakulski studied kinesiology and usually provides the logic behind his every work out exercises technique. For this some people have also considered him a real live Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is a scientist who is also a bodybuilder. Some people have viewed his work out and nutritional plans as crazy but have seen the results thus a lot of them have applied them

Benjamin Pakulski’s work out plan

The workout plan involves a muscle intelligence training manual explaining some intense workouts to double muscle gains as well as for remodeling of weak body parts. His muscle intelligence(MI40) training system is designed to help people attain their ultimate body using scientifically proven techniques. The training manual includes nutritional information, rest patterns as well as training methods to attain the ultimate body.

The Pak Man’s Techniques

Benjamin Pakulski’s training manuals offer a wide variety of tips and methods to double the muscle gain including work out pieces of advice as well as nutritional plans. Some of the top Benjamin Pakulski’s work out exercises and techniques include;

Tension, not just lifting weights, intensity or volume

Benjamin stresses the importance of tension. He says that lifting weights or doing a lot of exercises won’t add muscle on their own but one requires to add some tension regularly to let the body get used to its need to gain muscle. He recommends the time under tension of 40 to 60 seconds. However, the time is not set and one can go beyond 60 seconds if they can. The more time under tension one’s body can take the more muscle they can grow.

Focused training by understanding each muscle function

The Pak Man asserts the importance of understanding the muscles, their origins, where they are located in the body, their actions when they contract, how to shorten them as well as all other details on the muscles. This is to allow for one to understand exactly how much tension they can take and how much of it will result in muscle gain. Knowing the location of each muscle in the body will allow a person to conduct specific training of that particular muscle instead of just doing general exercises.

Manipulation of the various training variables

Some of the training variables Ben talks about were intensity, frequency, duration, reps, test intervals as well as sets. These were focused toward understanding such techniques as the Time Under Tension(TUT) limits, Set-extensions, Full Range Of Motion(ROM), as well as his, advise for people to train in a straight line. What he means by training in a straight line is that one should not combine so many moves during their exercises but instead focus.

Nutrition and supplements

Benjamin says that one of the best nutrition plans for a healthy body includes a low carb diet. This means eating mostly either natural or unprocessed food products. The meals should consist mainly of proteins, healthy fats as well as vegetables and fruits. Benjamin explains that taking low carb foods at specific times could spike insulin uptake which could facilitate muscle growth. He also insists on the importance of taking the right supplements both before and after the workouts.