About us

logoOur team started off as an idea and a desire to help others. The knowledge and expertise in the field of health and exercise seem to be all around. But, with all the sources popping up all around us, it can be difficult to get to the real facts. Seeing how this problem affects many curious men and women, we got an idea that turned into a successful business.

Our expert team is made of young professionals located out of Northern Virginia and is always at your service. We strive to make a tangible difference in our clients’ lives. Years of experience in the gym and exercise, as well as the connections to the health industry, are our primary weapons. We can help you get in shape, tone your line or just – to feel and be healthier.  Programs we offer include exercise programs and plans as well as the advice center and professional guidance.

The CEO of our company Margaret Sane is passionate about Autism awareness and it is one of her goals to help defeat Autism within our lifetime. Please make sure to donate to help the cause.